Bethel #49 – Crestwood, MO

Meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:00 pm

Crestwood‐Euclid Temple
9078 Sappington Road
Crestwood, MO 63126‐2431
Home 314‐842‐1241

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Bethel Guardian
Sarah Heath, PHQ
837 Hawkins Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63126‐1214
Home 314‐482‐5744

Associate Bethel Guardian
Dad Dennis Klein
1679 Carman Mill Rd
Ballwin, MO 63021

Bethel #49 of Crestwood, Missouri was chartered in 1959. They meet at Crestwood-Euclid Masonic Temple, 9075 Sappington Road, Crestwood, MO  63126. Other meeting places have included: Watson School, Divine Science Church, and St. Philips United Church of Christ. In 1960, the Bethel was so large that it was split into Bethel #49 and Bethel #54.

Bethel Guardians of Bethel #49 have included Mary Lou Biggs, 1959-1960, Florence Gerwiner, 1960-1971, Rose Marie Tieman, 1971-1972, Karen Jordan, 1972-1980, Georgiann Smith, 1980-1981, Karen Jordan, 1981-1986, Sue Pihl, 1986-1988, Karen Jordan, 1988-2006, Jill Reichardt, 2006-2008, Amy Dierkes, Karri Hairer, Karen Jordan and Sarah Heath.

Associate Bethel Guardians of Bethel #49 have included: Hugh Forsythe, Ed Weismiller, Peter Burgart, John Dohr, Hughie Habighorst, 1973-1979, Clarence Shaul, 1979-1981, Ron Harke, 1981-1984, Mel Mueller, 1984-1989, Earl Chilton, 1989-1991, Richard Steed, 1992-1996, Tom Hennenhoefer, 1996-2001, Jeff Campbell, 2001-2006, Richard Steed and Jody Kalal.

Grand Bethel Trio
1965-1966 Judy Yates Miller, PGBHQ
1988-1989 Marcia Mueller Wohltmann, PGBHQ
2013-2014 Amy Bush, PGBHQ
2016-2017 Becca Hairer, GBHQ

Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives
2001-2002 Cara Hoffmeyer, Grand Bethel Recorder
2001-2002 Anna Stoessel, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #3
2001-2002 Amanda Workes, Grand Bethel Rep to North Carolina & Virginia
2002-2003 Anna Stoessel, Grand Bethel 5th Messenger
2002-2003 Amanda Workes, Grand Bethel Rep to Delaware & Maryland
2005-2006 Laura Stoessel, Grand Bethel 3rd Messenger
2005-2006 Sarah Heath, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #2
2006-2007 Sarah Heath, Grand Bethel Inner Guard
2006-2007 Hannah Reichardt, Grand Bethel Rep to Minnesota Region #2
2006-2007 Carolyn Kirchhoff, Grand Bethel Rep to Queensland
2006-2007 Becca Hairer, Grand Bethel Rep to Wisconsin Region #2
2007-2008 Elise Ardrey, Grand Bethel Musician
2007-2008 Sarah Heath, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #9
2007-2008 Amy Bush, Grand Bethel Rep to Queensland
2008-2009 Sarah Heath, Grand Bethel Jr. Custodian
2008-2009 Hannah Reichardt, Grand Bethel Rep to Nebraska Region #2
2008-2009 Becca Hairer, Grand Bethel Rep to Texas
2009-2010 Amy Bush, Grand Bethel Jr. Custodian
2009-2010 Becca Hairer, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #14
2009-2010 Elise Ardrey, Grand Bethel Rep to British Columbia Region #1
2009-2010 Katie Tevebaugh, Grand Bethel Rep to New Mexico & Brazil Region #16
2009-2010 Amanda Aiken, Grand Bethel Rep to Oklahoma & Ontario
2010-2011 Becca Hairer, Grand Bethel Treasurer
2010-2011 Elise Ardrey, Grand Bethel Outer Guard
2010-2011 Claire Gibbs, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #5
2010-2011 Missy Whittley, Grand Bethel Rep to Indiana Region #1
2010-2011 Audrey Webb, Grand Bethel Rep to Ohio Region #2
2010-2011 Amy Bush, Grand Bethel Rep to Utah
2015-2016 Lydia Aiken, Grand Bethel Musician
2015-2016 Erin Ashwell, Grand Bethel Rep to Queensland, Australia
2015-2016 Reba Tague, Grand Bethel Rep to Philippines
2015-2016 Amanda Aiken, Grand Bethel Rep to Indiana
2015-2016 Claire Gibbs, Grand Bethel Rep to Michigan
2015-2016 Emily Klein, Grand Bethel Rep to Nebraska
2016-2017 Erin Ashwell, Grand Bethel Inner Guard
2016-2017 Emily Klein, Grand Bethel 3rd Messenger
2016-2017 Amanda Aiken, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #2
2016-2017 Mackenzie Jacobi, Grand Bethel Rep to Washington

Grand Bethel Guardian Council and Advisory Board
1983-1984 Karen Jordan, Grand Bethel Guardian
1994-1995 Karen Jordan, Grand Bethel Guardian
1995-1998 Julie Mock, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2001-2004 Amy Dierkes Kalal, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2002-2003 Karen Jordan, Grand Bethel Guardian
2011-2014 Sarah Heath, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2014-2017 Amy Bush, Grand Bethel Advisory Board

Grand Guardians & Associate Grand Guardians
1961-1962 Mary Lou Biggs
1969-1970 Florence Gerwiner
1979-1980 Karen Jordan
1990-1991 Mel Mueller
2015-2016 Amy Dierkes Kalal

Supreme Bethel
2008-2009 Amy Bush, Supreme Bethel Rep to Alagoas (Brazil)
2010-2011 Amy Bush, Supreme Bethel 3rd Messenger
2010-2011 Elise Ardrey, Supreme Bethel Rep to Kentucky

Miss Missouri Trio
1976-1977 Lenet Habighorst, Miss Missouri
1980-1981 Dawn Dempsey Franzen, Miss Missouri
1983-1984 Janice Harke Gherardini, Miss Missouri
1984-1985 Elise Buerk, Miss Missouri
1994-1995 Kelly Christ, Miss Missouri
1995-1996 Nicole Nipper Clipper, Miss Congeniality
2008-2009 Amy Bush, Jr. Miss Missouri
2010-2011 Amy Bush, Miss Congeniality
2012-2013 Molly Gibbs, Miss Congeniality
2013-2014 Katie Tevebaugh, Miss Congeniality

SLALOC Presidents
1961 Judy Yates Miller (1st President)
1968-1969 Ella May Kobylinski Boehm
1976-1977 Chris Knaus Kristoff
5/1981 Dawn Dempsey Krazen
5/1985 Marcia Mueller Wohltmann
11/1986 Julie Smith
5/1993 Tricia Short
5/2010 Amy Bush

Sponsors & Co-Sponsors of SLALOC
1975-1976 Karen Jordan
1986-1987 Mel Mueller

SLALOC Spirit Trio
1992-1993 Tanya Short, SLALOC Spirit Sr. Princess
1993-1994 Heather Miller, SLALOC Spirit Jr. Princess
1997-1998 Leah Peeler, SLALOC Spirit Queen
2006-2007 Amy Bush, SLALOC Spirit Sr. Princess
2009-2010 Katie Tevebaugh, SLALOC Spirit Sr. Princess

Grand Master’s Youth Award
1988 Cheryl Smith
2007 Sarah Heath

Moolah Shrine Youth Ball Queen
2010-2011 Katie Tevebaugh

Missouri DeMolay State Sweetheart
2011-2012 Becca Hairer, Assoc. State Sweetheart
2015-2016 Amanda Aiken, Assoc. State Sweetheart