Our Legacy

The Grand Bethel of Missouri was founded in 1954 by Ruth Mary Leavitt and Judge Reginald Smith, who served as the first Grand Bethel Guardian and Associate Grand Bethel Guardian respectively. The Grand Bethel consists of Job’s Daughters from around the state. The girls meet each year at Grand Session and elect a new Grand Bethel Junior Princess, who will in turn go up the line to become the Grand Bethel Honored Queen. This year Becca Hairer from Bethel #49 is our Grand Bethel Honored Queen.  In addition at Grand Session, a Jobie-To-Bee is chosen to serve as the Queen Bee.  This year, Dakotah Guithues, J2B #12 was chosen as the Queen Bee.  There are other Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives selected at the session as well.  The Grand Bethel also has an annual meeting called Mini Session. This is a fun weekend where all the Job’s Daughters of Missouri have a chance to meet old friends and make new ones.  The Grand Bethel Trio, consisting of the Grand Bethel Honored Queen, Grand Bethel Senior Princess, and Grand Bethel Junior Princess, travel throughout the state bringing goodwill and friendship to all. They are also traveling in the path laid out before them by the Past Grand Bethel Honored Queens of Missouri. To all of them we owe a great deal, and we are honored that they have chosen Job’s Daughters as a way of life.