2017-2018 Achievement Award

2017-2018 Spirit Award

2017-2018 New Initiate Form

2017-2018 New Jobie-To-Bee Form

2017-2018 Grand Bethel Visitation Form


Supreme and Bethel Forms

045- Annual Report of the GGC 172- Past Honored Queen Card
101- Application for Dispensation to Organize a Bethel 173- Parent Card
103- Application for a Charter 174- Proficiency Certificate
110- Annual Report of the Bethel 180- Voting Credential
120- Grand Guardian’s Report 190- Certificate of Appointment
121- Supreme Deputy’s Report 191- Certificate of Appointment for BGC
122- Amendment to Bethel Bylaws 200- Request for Dispensation
125- Personal Health Form 201- Special Dispensation (x3)
130- Petition for Membership 210- Demit Form
131- Petition for Membership by Affiliation 212- Notice of Suspension (2 forms)
131d- Petition for Dual Membership 220- Report on Ballot on Petition (4 forms)
132- Report of the Investigation Committee 221- Bethel Ballots for BGC (2 forms)
133- Initiation Notice 222- Report of Recommendation for BGC
134- Request for Masonic Relationship 281- SGC Expense Claim for Deputy or ASD
140- Notice of Dues (4 forms) 281R- Expense Claim Form
141- Receipt for Dues Alumni Association Rules and Regulations
142- Record of Dues Annual Report How-To PowerPoint
150- Receipts, Bills, Warrants, and Order for Treasurer (2 forms) Bethel Song Card
151- Bethel Treasurer’s Report (4 forms) Degree of Royal Purple Nomination Form- NEW 2017
160- Majority Member Sheet Masonic Affiliation Research Sheet
162- Majority Member Certificate (Wallet) Media Release Form
163- Majority Member Certificate Official Trademark
163- Majority Member Certificate (4×6) Online Fundraising Guidelines
170- Member of Honor Certificate (4×6) Order Blank for Supplies
170- Member of Honor Certificate Supreme Proposed Amendments Form
171- Member of Honor of GGC (4×6)