The St. Louis Area Line Officers’ Club (SLALOC) is a club composed of Line Officers of all the Bethels on the Eastern Side of Missouri. It unofficially began as the Guide and Marshal Club, organized by Barbara Hansen and Jean Wilson as a means for the Guides and Marshals to get to know each other as they went through line together.

SLALOC was officially started in 1961 by Grand Guardian, Mary Lou Biggs. The members of the group elect their own officers, as well as their adult Sponsor and Co-Sponsor. Officer’s terms were originally one year, but due to the large number of qualified members, terms were shortened to six months in 1978. The Sponsor and Co-Sponsors terms are two years, with Sponsors being elected in even numbered years, and Co-Sponsors in odd-numbered years. SLALOC is involved in numerous activities, including: Having a float in the Shrine Parade in St. Louis, theater parties, family picnics, dances, and charity events. Each year, the SLALOC Spirit Dance is held as a fund raiser, and as a means to raise money for the President’s and Vice-President’s Charity, and the HIKE Fund. Also at the Dance, the SLALOC Spirit Trio is chosen, consisting of the SLALOC Spirit Queen, the SLALOC Senior Princess, and the SLALOC Junior Princess. These girls represent the ideals held high by the members of the St. Louis Area Line Officers’ Club.


SLALOC Reports
November 8, 2015

Bethel #5

11/14/2015Vendor FairWe will be selling items as a fundraiser for HIKE
11/20/2015Winter Wonderland WalkthruWe will be going to Winter Wonderland Walk and looking at Christmas lights

Bethel #12

11/22/2015 8am to 1pmBreakfast FundraiserCome by for Breakfast at Meridian Masonic Temple from 8am to 1pm.

Bethel #19

11/10/2015Serve DinnerServe dinner to Webster Groves Lodge
11/11/2015Queens & Honored Queens and Dads and Masons Nightwe need protems, plase contact Tiffany if you can help
11/14/2015Grand Guardian Pasta Dinner and Vendor FairGrand Guardian Pasta Dinner and Vendor Fair
11/24/2015Serve DinnerServe dinner to Webster Groves Lodge