Grandparents & Friends

The Grandparents and Friends Club was formed to help support the expenses of the Grand Guardian Council and thus offset any assessments to the Bethels. Funds are raised through the payment of dues.

Dues are $10.00 per person and can be renewed each year. If you are a new member who joins the club, or an existing member who renews their dues, one month before Grand Session, you will be invited to a special luncheon at the next Grand Session. Also, new members will receive a Grandparent & Friends Pin.

How to join

You can join anytime throughout the Grand Guardian Council Year (but don’t forget that the cut-off date in order to receive an invitation to the luncheon is May 20, 2015).  If you need to renew your dues or wish to become a new member, please contact Sher Hudson.

We do not foresee it happening, but if ever there comes a time that I am out of the area for whatever reason, you can contact Ginny Goede.

What information is needed

We will need the following information when you join: name, address, phone number, e-mail address and affiliation (Bethel #, OES, Blue Lodge, etc.), as well as whose membership the money includes (if you are paying for more than your own membership). Once payment is made we will gladly give you a membership card. Dues may be paid either in cash or by check. Checks should be made out to the Grand Guardian Council of Missouri. If you wish to send your dues and information by mail, the addresses are:

Sher Hudson
506 Fox Pointe Dr
St Charles MO 63304
Ginny Goede
780 Murray Hill Dr.
Fenton, MO. 63026