Bethel #7 – Kansas City, MO

Meets on First and Third Sundays at 3:30pm

Rising Sun Masonic Lodge
2000 NW Barry Road
Kansas City MO 64154

Facebook Page:

Bethel Guardian
Julia Wallace, PHQ, PGG
Cell: 816-866-0107

Associate Bethel Guardian
John Wallace
Cell: 816-866-0107

Guardian Secretary

Bethel #7 is proud to be the first Bethel chartered in Kansas City.  We were instituted March 17, 1923, and chartered February 15, 1924, with 95 girls signing the Charter.  Although many early records are missing, through old newspaper clippings we know that many of our early members had Supreme Offices:  Supreme Honored Queen, Emma Loest, Supreme Guide, Dorothy Harris, Supreme Marshal, Ruth Crofut, Supreme Chaplain, Catherine Lorimer, and Connie Gardner McKinstry was Grand Organist in 1926.  PHQ Eudora Fromhold Dimity (1926), a charter member, donated many items of her term to the Bethel.  After several years of declining membership, on March 13, 2003 Bethel #7 moved to Clinton, Missouri, which extended the life of the Bethel.  The Bethel has also resided in Smithville and is now in Kansas City at Rising Sun Masonic Lodge.

Grand Bethel Trio
2010-2011 Erica Wallace, PGBHQ

Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives
2005-2006 Amber Lippert, Grand Bethel Treasurer
2005-2006 Alyson Kretzschmer, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #1
2006-2007 Jaclyn Wallace, Grand Bethel Rep to Arizona
2006-2007 Erica Wallace, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #2
2006-2007 Alyssa Duncan, Grand Bethel Rep to Nebraska Region #2
2007-2008 Erica Wallace, Grand Bethel Sr. Custodian
2007-2008 Alyssa Duncan, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #3
2007-2008 Katrina Irvine, Grand Bethel Rep to Tennessee
2007-2008 Kirstie Thompson, Grand Bethel Rep to Washington Region #2
2008-2009 Erica Wallace, Grand Bethel 3rd Messenger
2008-2009 Kirstie Thompson, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #9
2008-2009 Kayla Whitten, Grand Bethel Rep to Iowa
2008-2009 Kiley Whitton, Grand Bethel Rep to Pennsylvania
2009-2010 Alyssa Duncan, Grand Bethel Outer Guard
2009-2010 Aleena Duncan, Grand Bethel Rep to Indiana Region #2
2009-2010 Kayla Whitten, Grand Bethel Representative to Wisconsin Region #1
2010-2011 Kiley Whitton, Grand Bethel Senior Custodian
2010-2011 Aleena Duncan, Grand Bethel Representative to Maryland
2010-2011 Alyssa Duncan, Grand Bethel Representative to South Dakota
2016-2017 Grace Smead, Grand Bethel Treasurer

Supreme Bethel
1994-1995 Megan Corliss, Supreme Bethel Rep to Ontario
2006-2007 Erica Wallace, Supreme Bethel Rep to Ohio

Grand Guardians & Assoc. Grand Guardians
1978-1979 Kenneth Ireland
2013-2014 Julia Wallace
2015-2016 Troy Whitton

Miss Missouri Trio
2005-2006 Erica Wallace, Jr. Miss Missouri (while with #33)
2007-2008 Erica Wallace, Miss Missouri
2011-2012 Ashlee Brannin

KCJD Line Presidents
1965 Kathy Brown Proctor
1966 Barbara Skinner
1969 Bonnie Skinner
1974 Charlene Farrell
1978 Lana Britz Laughlin
1980 Karin Britz
1990 Sarah Hubbard
1998 Tara Collson

Sponsors & Co-Sponsors of KCJD Line
2008 – 2009 Julia Wallace

Thanksgiving Ball Trio
1972-1973 Nancy Powell, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
1979-1980 Maxine Babylon, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
1981-1982 Karen Pregge, Thanksgiving Ball Sr. Princess
1984-1985 Kristi Travis, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
1986-1987 Jayna Barron, Thanksgiving Ball Sr. Princess
1994-1995 Megan Corliss, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
1996-1997 Michelle Hartley, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
2000-2001 Clarissa Hamilton, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
2001-2002 Connie Menghi, Thanksgiving Ball Sr. Princess
2003-2004 Erica Wallace, Thanksgiving Ball Queen (while with #33)
2007-2008 Kayla Whitten, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
2008-2009 Kiley Whitton, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
2008-2009 Kirstie Thompson, Thanksgiving Ball Sr. Princess

Grand Master’s Youth Award
1992 Debbie S. McCoy

Missouri DeMolay State Sweetheart
2004-2005 Jaclyn Wallace, State Sweetheart (while with #33)