Bethel #5 – Kirkwood, MO

Meets on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7pm

Kirkwood Masonic Temple
211 North Harrison
Kirkwood, MO 63122‐4037
Home 314‐821‐6088

Bethel Guardian

Associate Bethel Guardian
Jim Chaney
10015 Killoren Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63123‐5003
Home 314‐680‐1410

On June 26, 1923, at 7:30 p.m., the first corps of officers of Bethel #5, of Kirkwood Missouri was elected. Nineteen young ladies were elected or appointed to offices, including Virginia Thursby, Bethel #5’s first Honored Queen. On July 23, 1923, at Kirkwood Masonic Hall, Bethel #5 was instituted by the Honored Queen of Bethel #1 of St. Louis, MO, and the new officers were installed. Miss Harriet McArthur, Supreme Secretary, declared the Bethel instituted for all business. Other distinguished guests in attendance were the the Supreme Director, Grand Secretary of OES of Missouri, Grand Electa OES, and the Worshipful Master of Kirkwood Lodge #484. Originally, Bethel #5 met on Saturday afternoons at 3:00 p.m. Yearly dues were 68 cents. On January 5, 1924, the Bethel was presented their altar cloth by the 1922 Matrons Club. In 1926, the Bethel changed their meeting day from Saturday to Tuesday evenings.  Fund raisers held by the Bethel included a Gypsy Festival, and presentations of plays. social events included a Leap Year dance, card parties, and swimming parties. The Bethel would also host special meetings such as Dads and Master Masons Night, and Mothers Night. Installations in the early days of the Bethel were held on their meeting night. After old and other new business, the girls retired to prepare for the installation. In 1938, installations moved to a separate date from the meetings, and the girls wore formals instead of robes. In the 1930’s, activities included assisting the Master Masons at their fish fries, nights at the Municipal Opera, and ice skating. It appears that street cars were used for transportation to many events. The Bethel continued to thrive, and the girls attended fund raising, social, and community service activities. In the 1960’s, Bethel #5 reached their peak in membership, with 116 active members. Today, Bethel #5 continues to be a strong Bethel, that takes pride in its history, and looks forward with great expectations to it future.

Grand Bethel Trio
1968-1969 Dottie Williams Hill, PGBHQ

Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives
2004-2005 Sarah Cardwell, Grand Bethel Chaplain
2005-2006 Melissa Nicewaner, Grand Bethel 1st Messenger
2006-2007 Brittany Rudy, Grand Bethel 4th Messenger
2006-2007 Kaitlyn Mahoney, Grand Bethel Rep to Nebraska #1
2006-2007 Nicole Higginbotham, Grand Bethel Rep to Washington #2
2007-2008 Brittany Rudy, Grand Bethel Recorder
2007-2008 Cheroyl McKibbon, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil #2
2007-2008 Rebecca Legg, Grand Bethel Rep to Utah
2008-2009 Markia Fontana, Grand Bethel Rep to Maryland
2008-2009 Jessi DeClue, Grand Bethel Rep to Saskatchewan
2009-2010 Rebecca Legg, Grand Bethel Guide
2009-2010 Leigha Stratmann, Grand Bethel Rep to Florida & Brazil Region #11
2009-2010 Samantha Hass, Grand Bethel Rep to North Carolina & Brazil Region #17
2010-2011 Rebecca Legg, Grand Bethel Chaplain
2010-2011 Elizabeth Shuman, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #7
2010-2011 Amber Murdock, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #3
2010-2011 Samantha Hass, Grand Bethel Rep to Wisconsin Region #1
2015-2016 Alex Chaney, Grand Bethel Inner Guard
2015-2016 Jessi DeClue, Grand Bethel 1st Messenger
2015-2016 Lydie Drake, Grand Bethel Rep to Colorado
2015-2016 Kalli Cronin, Grand Bethel Rep to Oregon
2016-2017 Jessi DeClue, Grand Bethel Chaplain
2016-2017 Lydie Drake, Grand Bethel Outer Guard
2016-2017 Kalli Cronin, Grand Bethel Rep to Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Iowa
2016-2017 Alex Chaney, Grand Bethel Rep to Philippines

Grand Bethel of Missouri Queen Bee
2007-2008 Jessi DeClue

Miss Missouri Trio
1972-1973 Janice Simmon Magbe, Miss Missouri
1992-1993 Megan Weidenheimer, Jr. Miss Missouri

SLALOC Presidents
1965-1966 Dottie Williams Hill
11/1978 Lori Heins Gilley

SLALOC Spirit Trio
1994-1995 Kelly Fogarty, SLALOC Spirit Sr. Princess
2005-2006 Melissa Nicewaner, SLALOC Spirit Sr. Princess

Scottish Rite Youth Ball Queen
Unknown Date Tina Berg

Missouri DeMolay State Sweetheart
1995-1996 Karen Klaskin, State Sweetheart
2008-2009 Markia Fontana, Associate State Sweetheart