Bethel #43 – Fenton, MO

Meets on 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm

Fenton Masonic Temple
401 Hays Hill Dr.
Fenton, MO 63026‐3114
Home 636‐349‐5650

Bethel Guardian
Caitlyn Washington, PHQ

Associate Bethel Guardian
Chris Linder

Bethel #43 of Fenton, Missouri was instituted on March 17, 1956, and Chartered on May 22, 1956. Their meeting places have included the old Fenton Masonic Temple on Main Street, Fenton Baptist Church in 1973 and 1974, and since 1974, have met at the new Fenton Masonic Temple, 401 Hays Hill Dr.

Bethel Guardians of Bethel #43 have included Mildred Pittman, 1956-1957, Ruth Reynolds, 2/57-5/25/57, Marge Wille, 1957-1960, Betty Seeley, Ellen Woessner, Debbie Stoltz, 1969-1971, Corkey Geisler Smith, Shirley Blankenship, Virginia Goede, 1972-1984, Deborah Cavagna, 1984-1985, Virginia Goede, 1985-1987, Charlotte Hodges, 1988-1989, Virginia Goede, 1990-2003, Donna Goede, 2003-2006, Linda Meunier, 2006-2008, Donna Goede, 2008-2015 and Caitlyn Washington.

Associate Bethel Guardians of Bethel #43 have included: Louis Brayfield, 1956-1958, Lawrence Reese, 1959-1962, Chester Kratz, 1962-1969, Dad Benefield, 1969-1970, Thomas Conroy, 9/9/70-12/3/70, Chester Kratz, 1971-1972, Rex Nelson, 1972-1974, Lionel Goede, 1974-1983, Ted Landherr, 1983-1985, Lionel Goede, 1985-1987, Richard Henderson, 1987-1991 & 1993-1994, David Haywood, 1994-2000, John Vezeau, 2000-2004,  Ralph Schmidt and once again John Vezeau.

At Grand Session in 2006, the Grand Bethel Honored Queen started something new. A Jobie-To-Bee-Queen and Lauren Schonaerts is the 1st Queen of the Jobie-To-Bee. The Queen gets to sit at the head table and in the east at the sessions with the Grand Bethel Trio. The Queen gets to participate with the Grand Bethel Trio during activities also.

We have had two girls serve as Eastern Regional Hike Daughter Coordinator. Kelly Goede served during 2000-2003 and Gloria Payne in 2004.

When Bethel #43 was instituted, the Initiation Ceremony was performed by Bethel #21. That evening, the officers were installed, and one of the Installing Officers was Virginia Gardner, who later became Mrs. Virginia Goede.

During the early years of the Bethel, members wore formals for the Installations. They could be any color except white, which was reserved for the incoming Honored Queen. Now, all of the daughters wear the regular white robe.

Through the years, the Bethel has had two families with four daughters, all of which served as Honored Queen. These were the Lipskoch and the Burian-Waltemath families. Karen Waltemath also had the privilege of serving as Missouri Job’s Daughter.

One charter member, Joan Butler Cavagna, PHQ, has two daughters, Debbie Barron and Suzanne Cavagna who have served as Honored Queen. Suzanne also served as Miss Missouri Job’s Daughter. Also included in the Bethel #43 mother/daughter tradition are Donna Nelson Goede, and her two daughters, Heather and Kelly Goede, Judy Seitz Ray, and her daughter Amy Higgins and Ashley Ray, Laurie Reed Lenhardt and her daughter Sarah Lenhardt, Annette Holst McKee and her daughter Megan McKee, Vicki Hoffmann Korn, and her daughter Melissa Korn Bakula and Cindy Hoffmann Cooksey, her daughter Nikki Cooksey.

Although the mother/daughter traditions listed above are all PHQ’s of Bethel #43. Bethel #43 does have Majority Members whose daughters served and are now PHQ’s such as Majority Member Colleen Vezeau, and her daughter Samantha Vezeau Breeding.

Since its inception, many different fundraisers have been held. These included street dances, horse shows, bake sales, dinners, barbecues, talent shows, rummage sales, funnel cakes and candy sales. Many different fun activities have also been held. These include trips on the SS Admiral, movies, pizza parties, pajama parties, visits to the zoo and planetarium, ball games, hockey games, horse shows, and even going to see the St. Louis Hummers, a girls professional softball team. More up to date activities include: visiting other Bethels, scavenger hunts at the mall, dances, barbecue’s, serving dinners, and holding a pancake breakfast with Santa in December, with the profit going to the HQ’s Charity. Our Bethel currently uses catering as a primary fundraiser for both Bethel Funds and individual funds for the daughters. We hold a special Egg Hunt for the younger siblings and neighbors of our Daughters. We enjoy seeing the children of many of our PHQ’s participate. This neighborhood project has also proven to be a good activity for prospects and Jobie-to-Bee Program. We still have a dance in the spring of each year; it is the “Nickel Queen Dance”. Each girl that would like to run for the title of Nickel Queen, picks a campaign chairman, (line officers make great campaign chairman) collects nickels, and whoever has the most nickels, wins! We collect for about a month, this dance usually raises close to $600.00 for the HQ’s Charity.

Our Bethel is also very proud of Lindsey McMillen. Lindsey is the first recipient of the “Missouri Job’s Daughter Special Friend Award”. This award was a surprise and was presented to her at Grand Session ‘99 by Felicia Rodemacher, GBHQ; Lindsey joined that Great Bethel on High February 11, 2001 and is missed by all.

Grand Bethel Trio
1993-1994 Jenny Wycoff Davis, PGBHQ
2003-2004 Heather Howard Petersen, PGBHQ
2011-2012 Ashley Ray, PGBHQ

Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives
1976-1977 Laurie Reed Lenhardt, Grand Bethel Rep to New Mexico
2001-2002 Sarah Lenhardt, Grand Bethel 1st Messenger
2001-2002 Kristin Mack, Grand Bethel Rep to Delaware & Maryland
2001-2002 Samantha Vezeau Breeding, Grand Bethel Rep to Michigan & Ontario
2002-2003 Natalie Kelso, Grand Bethel Recorder
2002-2003 Megan McKee, Grand Bethel Rep to Colorado & New Mexico
2002-2003 Sarah Lenhardt, Grand Bethel Rep to Michigan & Ontario
2003-2004 Chrystal Ronsick Raines, Grand Bethel 1st Messenger
2005-2006 Laura Bonskowski, Grand Bethel Recorder
2005-2006 Lauren Mack, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #3
2005-2006 Sami Pyle, Grand Bethel Rep to North Carolina & Virginia
2006-2007 Lauren Mack, Grand Bethel Marshal
2006-2007 Sami Pyle, Grand Bethel Rep to Delaware
2006-2007 Kristi Beal, Grand Bethel Rep to Indiana
2006-2007 Nikki Cooksey, Grand Bethel Rep to Kansas
2006-2007 Elaine Neimeyer, Grand Bethel Rep to Ontario
2007-2008 Emily Schonaerts, Grand Bethel 4th Messenger
2007-2008 Lauren Mack, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #3
2007-2008 Nikki Cooksey, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #6
2007-2008 Mary Johnson, Grand Bethel Rep to Philippines
2008-2009 Lauren Mack, Grand Bethel Marshal
2008-2009 Shelby Roberts, Grand Bethel Rep to British Columbia Region #1
2008-2009 Emily Schonaerts, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #6
2008-2009 Caitlyn Washington, Grand Bethel Rep to Oregon
2008-2009 Stephanie Bowlin, Grand Bethel Rep to Wyoming
2009-2010 Caitlyn Washington, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #8
2009-2010 Mary Johnson, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #2
2009-2010 Lauren Mack, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #6
2009-2010 Jordan Hood, Grand Bethel Rep to Michigan Region #2
2009-2010 Bayleigh Yeager, Grand Bethel Rep to Washington Region #1
2010-2011 Caitlyn Washington, Grand Bethel Inner Guard
2010-2011 Jordan Hood, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #2
2010-2011 Precious Mitchell, Grand Bethel Rep to Kansas
2010-2011 Katee Leonberger, Grand Bethel Rep to Pennsylvania
2015-2016 Stephanie Bube, Grand Bethel Marshal
2015-2016 Olivia Van Tine, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil
2015-2016 Tara Jolley, Grand Bethel Rep to California
2015-2016 Bayleigh Yeager, Grand Bethel Rep to Illinois
2015-2016 Alicia Lindner, Grand Bethel Rep to Minnesota
2016-2017 Meckenzie Yeager, Grand Bethel Marshal
2016-2017 Gracesee Greenwalt, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #1
2016-2017 Stephanie Bube, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #3
2016-2017 Katelyn Porter, Grand Bethel Rep to Michigan

Grand Bethel Jobie-2-Bee Queen
2006-2007 Lauren Schonaerts

Grand Bethel Guardian Council
1984-1985 Lionel Goede, Assoc. Grand Bethel Guardian
1998-1999 Ralph Schmidt, Assoc. Grand Bethel Guardian (credential from #12)
2000-2003 Alicia Haywood, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2001-2002 Diane Haywood, Grand Bethel Guardian (credential from #6)
2005-2006 Ralph Schmidt, Assoc. Grand Bethel Guardian
2006-2008 Gloria Payne, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2007-2008 John Vezeau, Assoc. Grand Bethel Guardian
2006-2009 Sarah Lenhardt, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2009-2010 Donna Goede, Grand Bethel Guardian
2009-2010 Dave Haywood, Assoc. Grand Bethel Guardian
2016-2017 Linda Meunier, Grand Bethel Guardian
2016-2017 Dave Haywood, Vice Assoc. Grand Bethel Guaridan

Grand Guardians & Associate Grand Guardians
1977-1978 Virginia Goede
1982-1983 Lionel Goede
1992-1993 Richard Hederson
2003-2004 Ralph Schmidt (while with #12)
2005-2006 John Vezeau
2007-2008 Donna Goede
2012-2013 Linda Meunier

Supreme Bethel Officers & Representatives
1996-1997 Alicia Haywood, Supreme Bethel Marshal
1997-1998 Vicki P., Supreme Bethel Jr. Custiodian
2005-2006 Emily Schonaerts, Supreme Bethel Rep to California
2007-2008 Emily Schonaerts, Supreme Bethel Rep to Mato Grasso do Sul (Brazil)
2009-2010 Mary Johnson, Supreme Bethel Rep to Manitoba
2009-2010 Katee Leonberger, Supreme Bethel Rep to Wisconsin
2010-2011 Mary Johnson, Supreme Bethel Rep to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2016-2017 Bayleigh Yeager, Supreme Bethel Rep to Maryland
2016-2017 Meckenzie Yeager, Supreme Bethel Rep to Sao Paolo (Brazil)

Supreme Officers
1985-1986 Lionel Goede, Supreme Sr. Custodian
1992-1993 Virginia Goede, Supreme Bethel Guardian
2005-2006 Virginia Goede, Supreme Librarian
2008-2009 Donna Goede, Supreme Treasurer
2015-2016 Linda Meunier, Supreme Secretary

Miss Missouri Trio
1982-1983 Karen Waltemath, Miss Missouri
1988-1989 Suzanne Joy Cavagna, Miss Missouri
1994-1995 April Sauter, Jr. Miss Missouri
1997-1998 Heather Howard Petersen, Miss Missouri
2006-2007 Lauren Mack, Miss Missouri
2009-2010 Katee Leonberger, Miss Missouri
2011-2012 Tara Jolley, Jr. Miss Missouri
2013-2014 Caitlyn Washington, Miss Missouri
2013-2014 Stephanie Bube, Jr. Miss Missouri
2014-2015 Tara Jolley, Miss Missouri Congeniality

Miss International
2014-2015 Caitlyn Washington

SLALOC Presidents
11/1979 Cindi Eaves
11/1981 Lynn Waltemath
11/1982 Debbie Pruet Spanely
11/1984 Debbie Reed
11/1985 Nancy Fetters
5/1988 Karen Henderson
5/1991 Jenny Wycoff Davis
5/1997 Alicia Haywood
11/1998 Heather Howard Petersen
5/2003 Sarah Lenhardt
5/2006 Lauren Mack
5/2008 Ashley Ray
5/2009 Shelby Roberts

Sponsors & Co-Sponsors of SLALOC
1978-1979 Lionel Goede
1979-1980 Virginia Goede
1988-1989 Richard Henderson
1998-1999 Dave Haywood
2005-2006 Donna Goede
2008-2009 John Vezeau
2010-2011 Ralph Schmidt

SLALOC Spirit Trio
1990-1991 Jenny Wycoff Davis, SLALOC Spirit Sr. Princess
2001-2002 Sarah Lenhardt, SLALOC Spirit Sr. Princess
2004-2005 Laura Bonskowski, SLALOC Spirit Queen
2006-2007 Caitlyn Washington, SLALOC Spirit Jr. Princess
2010-2011 Bayleigh Yeager, SLALOC Spirit Jr. Princess

Scottish Rite Youth Ball Queen
2006-2007 Laura Bonskowski

Moolah Shrine Youth Ball Queen
2000-2001 Kelly Goede

Grand Master’s Youth Award
1990 Brigritte Michelle Smith
1993 Melissa Henry
1994 Patricia Ann-Marie Hodges
2000 Kelly Goede

Grand Commander’s Youth Award
1998 Alicia Haywood
2005 Lauren Mack
2010 Caitlyn Washington

Cryptic Masons Youth Award
2009 Ashley Ray

Royal Arch Youth Award
2000 Heather Goede
2004 Sarah Lenhardt
2008 Lauren Mack

2001 Kelly Goede, HIKE Volunteer Award
2001 – 2003 Kelly Goede, $1000 Club
2003 Kristi Beal, $1000 Club
2004 Heather Howard Petersen, $1000 Club
2004 Heather Howard Petersen, HIKE Volunteer Award
2004 Ralph Schmidt, HIKE Volunteer Award
2005 Donna Goede, HIKE Volunteer Award
2006 Ginny Goede, HIKE Volunteer Award
2006 John Vezeau, HIKE Volunteer Award
2007 Gloria Payne, HIKE Volunteer Award
2009 Caitlyn Washington, $1000 Club
2010-2011 Caitlyn Washington, Missouri Daughter HIKE Coordinator

Missouri DeMolay State Sweetheart
1985-1986 Kimberly Smith Brady, State Sweetheart
2000-2001 Heather Goede Gander, Associate State Sweetheart
2011-2012 Caitlyn Washington, Associate State Sweetheart