Bethel #36 – Bonne Terre, MO

Meets on 1st and 3rd Sundays at 1pm

Samaritan Temple
7 Church St.
Bonne Terre, MO 63628‐1714
Home 573‐358‐3296

Bethel Guardian
Edna Russell
Home 573‐756‐9229

Associate Bethel Guardian

Bethel #36 of Bonne Terre was Chartered in 1951. They orginally met at Elvins Masonic Temple in Flat River (now Park Hills). They moved to Samaritan Masonic Temple, 7 Church Street, Bonne Terre MO 63628 in 1987. They still meet at that location. The charter Honored Queen was Alice Province.

Bethel Guardians of Bethel #36 have included: Grace Haushen, 1951-1952, Ethel Perret, 1952-1953, Cleo Barger, 1953-1954, Christine Hardy, 1955-1956, Loyse Forinash, 1956-1960, Catherine Hager, 1960-1961, Lorrane Watson, 1961-1971, Betty Ives, 1971-1973, Norma Crocker, 1973-1978, Florence Voyles, 1978-1980, Charlotte Stevens, 1980-1984, Laura Wiles, 1984-1986, Marlene Nebel, 1986, Donna Hager, 1987-1992, and Marlene Nebel, 1992-1997, Carolyn Kaesar, Laurie Braun and Edna Russell.

Associate Bethel Guardians of Bethel #36 have included: Burnette Shannon, 1951-1952, Ernest Ward, 1952-1954, Pete Yankoff, 1955-1960, George Watson, 1960-1971, Lee Glore, 1971-1975, Charles Crocker, 1975-1978, Davey Voyles, 1978-1980, Joe Stevens, 1980-1984, Rick Wiles, 1984-1986, Robert Schmidt, 1987-1989, J. Ed Nebel, 1989-1999, Guy Glaze, 2000-2001, Albert Beal, 2001-2006 and Joe Braun.

In 1952, Bethel #36 and the Mineral Area DeMolay Chapter both had large choirs, and were asked to perform jointly at many installations and other public functions. They were even approached by the local radio station and asked to perform on the air.

Also in 1952, the Bethel membership approved the expenditure of $0.71 to purchase a copy of “Open the Gates”. On October 21, 1987, Bethel #19 visited Bethel #36. They were selling Jobie Honored Queen Dolls for $4.00 each.  (Haven’t times changed)

Fund Raisers through the years have included the “good ol’ candy bar” sales, dinners, car washes, gift wrap, and Barbecues. Their current on-going and best fund raiser is washing dished and selling desserts at functions held at the temple by the Lodge, Eastern Star, and York Rite bodies. They have washed so many dishes that they have been dubbed as the “Only Bethel in Missouri with dishpan hands”. They have also sponsored Ham & Bean Dinners with the Eastern Star.

Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives
2001-2002 Dena Glaze, Grand Bethel Rep to Alberta & Idaho
2005-2006 Sarah Duing-Davis, Grand Bethel Musician
2005-2006 Desiree Key, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #3
2005-2006 Katie Cantrell, Grand Bethel Rep to Kansas & Oklahoma
2006-2007 Nora Faenger, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #8
2007-2008 Tori Deason, Grand Bethel 5th Messenger
2007-2008 Chelsey Carron, Grand Bethel Rep to New Mexico
2008-2009 Tori Deason, Grand Bethel Rep to Arizona
2008-2009 Jocelynn Trent, Grand Bethel Rep to Minnesota Region #1
2009-2010 Lauren Braun, Grand Bethel Sr. Custodian
2009-2010 Morgan Chance, Grand Bethel Rep to Manitoba & Maryland
2009-2010 Chelsey Carron, Grand Bethel Rep to Washington Region #2
2010-2011 Heather Christeson, Grand Bethel Recorder
2010-2011 Catherine Roppel, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #4
2010-2011 Sarah McGraw, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #5
2015-2016 Jennifer Trent, Grand Bethel Rep to Utah

Grand Bethel Guardian Council
1993-1996 Carolyn Nebel Kaeser, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2009-2010 Helen Kramer, Vice Grand Bethel Guardian
2013-2014 Joe Braun, Associate Grand Bethel Guardian

Grand Guardians & Associate Grand Guardians
2006-2007 Helen Kramer (credentials from #25)
2011-2012 Joe Braun

Supreme Bethel & Supreme Officers
2004-2005 Sarah Duing-Davis, Supreme Bethel Rep to California 1&2
2005-2006 Sarah Duing-Davis, Supreme Bethel Rep to New Mexico

Miss Missouri Trio
2011-2012 Lauren Braun, Miss Missouri Congeniality

SLALOC Spirit Trio
2005-2006 Anna Arrigal, SLALOC Spirit Queen

Moolah Shrine Youth Ball Queen
2001-2002 Renee Ellison
2005-2006 Heather Peek

Grand Master’s Youth Award
2003 April Duing-Davis

2007 Helen Kramer, HIKE Volunteer Award