Bethel #32 – Saint Peters, MO

Meets on 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 10am

Bridgton Masonic Temple
414 South Church St.
St. Peters, MO 63376‐1354

Bethel Guardian

Associate Bethel Guardian

Bethel #32 of Bridgeton, Missouri was chartered in 1949. They were originally Bethel #32 of Overland, Missouri, and met at 9632 Lackland Road in Overland, Missouri until 1951, when they moved to their current meeting place, Bridgeton Masonic Temple. The Charter Honored Queen was Lois Clark Fridley. In 1970 Mom Alice Coleman went to the Lodge and Grand Council and had the name changed to Bridgeton, Missouri. In this way the Bethel name would match the Lodge Name.

The Bethel Guardians of Bethel #32 have included: Bernice Stegeman, 1949-1951, Virginia Hilleman, 1951-1956, Arline Viner, 1956-1958, Billie Grossenbacker Baldwin, 1958-1962, Bernice Stegeman, 1962-1965, Elsie Phillips, 1966-1969, Alice Coleman, 1969-1973, Carolyn Fleming, 1973-1974, Marie Wardlaw, 1974-1976, Elaine Hogg, 1976-1977, Mary Brooks, 1977-1982, Shirley Nash, 1982-1984, Cynde Brooks, 1984-1985, Judi Emerson Scydick, 1985-1993, Carolyn Christofersen, 1993-1995, Judi Emerson Scydick, 1995-1999, and Cheryl Parker, 1999-Present.

The Associate Bethel Guardians of Bethel #32 have included: Clifford Edes, 1949-1953, Fred Ruegsegger, 1953-1958, Melvin Shcaffner, 1958-1962, Al Powell, 1962-1968, Harold Edwards, 1968-1971, Jim Harbison, 1972-1973, Harold Edwards, 1973-1976, Bill White, 1976-1977, Harold Edwards, 1977-1978, Ed Franks, 1978-1981, Bert Thacker, 1981-1983, Earl Sandroff, 1983-1986, Gene Dunham, 1986-1990, Tom Hennenhoefer, 1990-1993, Gene Burnett, 1993-2001 and Jon Broyles 2002-2007.

Other points of interest:

Whenever you visit Bethel #32 you will notice a stuffed lamb sitting in the West. This is the mascot of the first Honored Queen (Lois Clark Fridley) and her colors are tied around its neck. It is tradition for the current Honored Queen to display her colors with the First Honored Queen of the Bethel around the lamb’s neck. We have one Honored Queen of Bethel #32 that passed away during her term. Tamara Null passed away in November, 1982 with only two meetings left in her term. Tammy was a wonderful young lady and a great inspiration to us all. ln her memory, the Daughters of Bethel #32 decided that Tammy’s colors would also always remain on the Original Mascot. It is the tradition now for the current Honored Queen to put her colors on the lamb’s tail.

Bethel #32 was the first Bethel in Missouri to hold an outdoor meeting. The first meeting was held on May 14. 1988, Chris Dunham H.Q. presided. Theyt held an initiation at this meeting and the Daughter initiated was Tracy Duff. The outdoor meetings are held at Frank and Judi Scydick’s home in Dittmer. Missouri. The lodge room is set in a wooded area with a creek directly behind and slightly under the East. Bethel #32 has had three outdoor meetings. They are planning on holding more. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable day for everyone who comes.

Bethel #32 may have originally been a part of Bethel #4. When it became too big, Bethel #32 was formed. It is also believed that Bethel #40 is an offshoot of Bethel #32.

Grand Bethel Trio
1978-1979 Jyll Harbison, PGBHQ
1994-1995 Gretchen Simpson Lippencott, PGBHQ

Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives
2001-2002 Melissa Waters, Grand Bethel 2nd Messenger
2001-2002 Heather Parker, Grand Bethel Rep to Illinois & Iowa
2001-2002 Erin Mayo Ahern, Grand Bethel Rep to Kentucky & Pennsylvania
2002-2003 Melissa Waters, Grand Bethel Librarian
2002-2003 Holly Parker, Grand Bethel Rep to Arizona & Arkansas
2002-2003 Heather Parker, Grand Bethel Rep to Montana & Saskatchewan
2002-2003 Erin Mayo Ahern, Grand Bethel Rep to Queensland & New South Wales
2005-2006 Tabitha Bowlsby, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil #1
2006-2007 Holly Parker, Grand Bethel Jr. Custodian
2007-2008 Tabitha Bowlsby, Grand Bethel Outer Guard
2007-2008 Amanda Voirel, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil #7
2007-2008 Kelcy Rush, Grand Bethel Rep to Virginia
2007-2008 Easter Morgan, Grand Bethel Rep to West Virginia
2008-2009 Kayla Simino-Ruch, Grand Bethel Rep to Montana
2008-2009 Megan Myers, Grand Bethel Rep to Queensland
2009-2010 Kayla Simino, Grand Bethel 3rd Messenger
2009-2010 Anastasia Shamin, Grand Bethel Rep to Kentucky & Brazil Region #13
2009-2010 Amanda Blakenship, Grand Bethel Rep to South Dakota
2010-2011 Amanda Voirol, Grand Bethel Marshal
2010-2011 Amanda Blankenship, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #8
2010-2011 Payton Moise, Grand Bethel Rep to Idaho
2015-2016 Tiffani Wilson, Grand Bethel Chaplain
2015-2016 MacKenzie Robbins, Grand Bethel Rep to Washington
2016-2017 MacKenzie Robbins, Grand Bethel Rep to Maryland

Grand Bethel Guardian Council & Advisory Board
1997-1998 Tom Hennenhoefer, Assoc. Grand Bethel Guardian
2003-2004 Jon Broyles, Assoc. Grand Bethel Guardian
2013-2016 Megan Myers, Advisory Board

Grand Guardians & Associate Grand Guardians
1971-1972 Al Powell
1995-1996 Tom Hennenhoefer

Miss Missouri Trio
1986-1987 Jackie Emerson Bradbury, Miss Congeniality
1990-1991 Carrie Christofersen McElwaine, Miss Missouri
1998-1999 Christy Bray, Miss Congeniality

SLALOC Presidents
5/1992 Gretchen Simpson Lippencott
5/2002 Heather Parker
5/2004 Holly Parker

Sponsors & Co-Sponsors of SLALOC
1994-1995 Tom Hennenhoefer
2003-2004 Cheri Parker

SLALOC Spirit Trio
1988-1989 Dawn Griffith Gerard, SLALOC Spirit Queen
1990-1991 Gretchen Simpson Lippencott, SLALOC Spirit Queen
1997-1998 Christy Bray, SLALOC Spirit Jr. Princess
1998-1999 Amanda Newman, SLALOC Spirit Jr. Princess
2000-2001 Heather Parker, SLALOC Spirit Queen
2008-2009 Megan Myers, SLALOC Spirit Queen

Grand Master’s Youth Award
2002 Heather Parker

Missouri DeMolay State Sweetheart
1994-1995 Bethany Corcoran Allen, State Sweetheart