Bethel #29 – Independence, MO

Meets on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7pm

Independence Temple
120 S Pleasant St.
Independence, MO 64050‐3605

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Bethel Guardian
Jennifer Arruda
Cell 816‐838‐9720

Associate Bethel Guardian
Jerald Arruda
Cell 757‐339‐5310


About Bethel #29

Bethel #29 was granted their charter on October 26, 1948, with 64 members. Their meetings have always been held at the Independence Masonic Lodge, 120 S. Pleasant, Independence, MO, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.

There have been approximately 1000 girls initiated into Bethel #29.

Some of the fundraisers we have are garage sales, raffles, dinners, Tupperware parties, dish washes and selling cookie dough. We also have a parking lot at Santa-Cali-Gon Days in September. Some of our socials include sleepovers, skating, shopping, carriage rides at the Country Club Plaza, movies, and visits to the zoo.

Grand Bethel Trio
1956-1957 Shirley McMullen Wright, PGBHQ
1959-1960 Jo Harvey Wong, PGBHQ
1982-1983 Christine Neumann Lysinger, PGBHQ
1996-1997 Lori Hainen, PGBHQ

Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives
1994-1995 Sarah Kerns, Grand Bethel 1st Messenger
2001-2002 Rochelle Telford, Grand Bethel Chaplain
2001-2002 Heather Lindsey Donahoo, Grand Bethel Rep to Oregon
2002-2003 Rochelle Telford, Grand Bethel Sr. Custodian
2002-2003 Heather Lindsey Donahoo, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #2
2002-2003 Lucinda Sajben, Grand Bethel Rep to Nebraska
2005-2006 Shelly Bell, Grand Bethel Librarian
2005-2006 Beth Walker, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #2
2006-2007 Shauna Bauml, Grand Bethel Rep to Alaska
2006-2007 Rhianna Roberts, Grand Bethel Rep to North Carolina
2006-2007 Hannah Wilson, Grand Bethel Rep to Virginia
2007-2008 Hannah Wilson, Grand Bethel Guide
2007-2008 Kaysi Newell, Grand Bethel Rep to California Region #4
2007-2008 Shauna Bauml, Grand Bethel Rep to Illinois
2007-2008 Kasidy Newell, Grand Bethel Rep to Pennsylvania
2008-2009 Nachelle Miller, Grand Bethel Recorder
2008-2009 Alex Barks, Grand Bethel Rep to Ontario
2009-2010 Kasidy Newell, Grand Bethel 1st Messenger
2009-2010 Hannah Wilson, Grand Bethel 5th Messenger
2009-2010 Nachelle Miller, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #10
2009-2010 Hollee Lynch, Grand Bethel Rep to Iowa & Brazil Region #12
2010-2011 Hanna Wilson, PHQ, Grand Bethel Third Messenger
2010-2011 Alex Barks, PHQ, Grand Bethel Junior Custodian
2010-2011 Jamie Marvin, Grand Bethel Rep to Brazil Region #1
2010-2011 Breonna Shirley, Grand Bethel Rep to British Columbia
2010-2011 Jamie Kelly, Grand Bethel Rep to Colorado
2015-2016 Shona Young, Grand Bethel Guide
2015-2016 Samantha Meier, Grand Bethel Rep to Wyoming
2016-2017 Breonna Shirley, Grand Bethel 2nd Messenger
2016-2017 Samantha Meier, Grand Bethel Rep to Canada
2016-2017 Shona Young, Grand Bethel Rep to Illinois
2016-2017 Zoa-Ann Banks, Grand Bethel Rep to Pennsylvania
2016-2017 Arika Tomblinson, Grand Bethel Rep to Queensland, Australia


Grand Guardians & Associate Grand Guardians
1955-1956 Judge Reginald Smith
1959-1960 Josephine Harvey
1970-1971 Charles Chaney
1994-1995 Virginia Kerns
2002-2003 Linda Sinley
2002-2003 Randy Sinley
2014-2015 Jim Kelly
2016-2017 Kerrie Ferlet

Grand Bethel Guardian Council
2003-2006 Heather Lindsey Donahoo, Grand Bethel Advisory Board
2004-2005 Linda Sinley, Vice Grand Bethel Guardian

Supreme Bethel & Supreme Officers
1994-1995 Tania Fogliani, Supreme Bethel Rep to Brazil

Miss Missouri Trio
1971-1972 Debra Ann Watts, Miss Missouri (First Miss Missouri)
1977-1978 Lori Jeane Watts, Miss Missouri
2004-2005 Shelly Bell, Miss Congeniality

KCJD Line Presidents
1959 Sharon Gerber
1975 Nancy Bower
1992 Lori Hainen
1995 Mindi Atwood
1999 Heather Lindsey Donahoo
2000 Lucinda Sajbin
2004 Shelly Bell
2007 Shauna Bauml
2009 Hannah Wilson

Sponsors & Co-Sponsors of KCJD Line
1973-1974 Reginald Smith
1989-1991 Warren “Bud” Tyler
1993-1994 Charlie Alexander
1994-1996 Linda Sinley
1998-2002 Claire Lindsey
2003-2005 Randy Sinley
2006-2007 Virgil Davidson
2008-2010 Keva Arnold
2009-2011 Jim Kelly

Thanksgiving Ball Trio
1991-1992 Amanda Kerns, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
1993-1994 Mindi Atwood, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
1998-1999 Lucinda Sajben, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
1999-2000 Samantha Dicks, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
2000-2001 Heather Lindsey Donahoo, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
2002-2003 Laci Johnson, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
2004-2005 Shauna Bauml, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
2005-2006 Hannah Wilson, Thanksgiving Ball Queen
2007-2008 Kasidy Newell, Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
2009-2010 Shona Young Thanksgiving Ball Sr. Princess
2009-2010 Jamie Marvin Thanksgiving Ball Jr. Princess
2010-2011 Chantel Shirley, Thanksgiving Ball Sr. Princess

2003 Linda Sinley, HIKE Volunteer Award
2003 Randy Sinley, HIKE Volunteer Award
2009 Jamie Marvin, $1000 Club